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Santiago Belgrano - Vicisitudes


Santiago Belgrano:
Piano and Composition
Enrique Peña Arenas:
Diana Arias:
Double Bass
Guillermo Harriague:
Enrique Norris:
Cornet on #2 and #9
Rodrigo Domínguez:
Sax on #7
Release date:
June - 2014
Recorded in:
Estudios Fort Music
Sound Engineer:
Florencio Justo
Graphic Design:
Ignacio Fretes / www.ignacio-fretes.com.ar


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Santiago Belgrano - Pianist, Composer and Teacher

He started to study piano at a young age with Maestro Francisco Votti (ex pianist of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic). He started his formal studies in the Superior Conservatory of Buenos Aires City "Ástor Piazzolla", where he had teachers like Alfredo Corral and Luis Caparra. At the same time, in 2009 he graduated from Escuela de Música Contemporánea (EMC), where he studied with Ernesto Jodos, Juan "Pollo" Raffo, Daniel Johansen y Juan Cruz de Urquiza, among others. Then, in 2012 he finished his studies on jazz course of studies at the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory, in Buenos Aires, where he continued his studies with Ernesto Jodos and also studied with Paula Shocron, Pepi Taveira, Juan Pablo Arredondo and Marcelo Gutfraind -among others-. Apart from that, outside any formal institutional setting, he had the pleasure to study with Enrique Norris, Rodrigo Domínguez, Susana Kasakoff, Guillermo Klein, Jacob Sacks, Sophia Rosoff, Ran Blake, Marc Copland, Frank Carlberg, Tony Malaby and Bill McHenry. He shared stage with many of the best musicians in the jazz local scene like Enrique Norris, Carlos Lastra, Eloy Michelini, Sebastián Loiácono, Leonel de Francisco, Fermín Merlo, Guillermo Harriague, Alejandro Dixon, Nicolás del Águila, Francisco Covito, Diana Arias, Enrique Peña, James Suggs, Yamile Burich, Germán Lamonega, Andrés Przybylko, Maximiliano Kirszner, Franco Espíndola, Emmanuel Famin, Julieta Eugenio, Juan Presas and a long etcetera. He recorded his album "Vicisitudes" with the musicians Enrique Peña, Diana Arias, Guillermo Harriague, Rodrigo Domínguez and Enrique Norris.


Personally or via Skype

In harmony and composition lessons we will work interacting constantly between theory and practice, analysis and writing, imitation and originality.

Depending of the search and the knowledges of the students we will delve on different concepts like counterpoint, harmony, form and different composing techniques.

We will try to generate in the student the habit of putting on the paper or the instrument his musical searches, as well as analyzing interesting recourses in other composers (Thelonious Monk, J. S. Bach, Cuchi Leguizamón, Luis Alberto Spinetta, etc.) and applying them in a creative way.

Listening lessons will try to give the student the comprehension of a musical material from listening without the need of the instrument. We will work with identification of scales, intervals, chords, melodies, harmonic progressions, rhythms, counterpoints, etc. We will work on some of the concepts from the great musician and pedagogue Ran Blake's book "The primacy of the ear", where he works on a purely auditive approach to music, working meticulously on the listening and the auditive memory.

In Piano lessons we will work on the approach to music through the instrument, working principally from a conscious and aware listening and pleasure of playing.

I was lucky to have between my teachers the great north-american pedagogue Sophia Rosoff, that once told me "never play anything that you don't really love to play". I think that is the basis of the pianistic study, as well as any other instrument.. From searching to express and not from a purely technical and mechanical approach, like many teachers and conservatories propose through scales, etudes and exercises without musicality.

That is, for me, the most appropiate way to play music, no matter what style wants the student to learn. First thing is music, and love for music and artistic search doesn't make difference between genres.

Improvisation lessons are oriented to all instruments, to anyone who wants to learn the art of composing in real time, interacting with other musicians or alone, in a stylistic way (jazz, rock, tango, etc) or without a determined style (free improvisation).

We will work over different concepts and suggestions taken from Jerry Bergonzi and Hal Crook's books and from my different teachers -Rodrigo Domínguez, Enrique Norris and Ernesto Jodos, among others-.

I will seek to encourage the student to explore fully the sound capabilities of his instrument and to work with improvisation over different formal structures and metrics, and also freely.

Jazz ensembles are oriented to all those who want to learn to play this genre. We will work on the search of the language, emphasizing on rhythmic issues and interaction with other musicians. We will analyze and imitate the different styles or approaches to jazz music through the years, taking as reference the great musicians in jazz history (Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, among others).


Shows and events

Wednesday 24/06 Porto Ranch - Pompeya 2419 - Castelar Barbie Martínez Group 22.00
Saturday 27/06 Teatro Municipal de Morón "Gregorio de Laferrere" Vicisitudes 21.00
Saturday 04/07 Cafecito Circus - Olazabal 706 - Ituzaingó Barbie Martínez - Santiago Belgrano 21.30
Saturday 11/07 Cafecito Circus - Olazabal 706 - Ituzaingó Barbie Martínez - Santiago Belgrano 21.30
Saturday 18/07 Cafecito Circus - Olazabal 706 - Ituzaingó Barbie Martínez - Santiago Belgrano 21.30
Saturday 25/07 Cafecito Circus - Olazabal 706 - Ituzaingó Dúo 21.30


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"In my music, I'm trying to play the truth of what I am.
The reason it's difficult is because I'm changing all the time."
Charles Mingus